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Waffle Recipe

Waffle Recipe - Preparation of waffles
First the flour, the sugar or cane sugar, the baking powder and the salt in a mixing bowl and everything together mix ever. Then the oil, then add soy milk and mineral water and stir until a smooth dough is formed.
Now give the batter with a spoon into a greased waffle iron and it then browned. When the cast iron waffle iron over the fireplace or Grill, always make sure that the iron was heated evenly from all sides.

More tips for making:
If you want can also a half whole wheat flour and half regular flour split into the dough. The dough is slow-moving, if you rest let him before baking something else. He can be better. In addition, the problem could arise that the batter onto the waffle iron sticking. Who want to prevent this, takes a tablespoon egg substitute soy flour and mix it with a little water. The egg substitute into the dough is given, then mixed in. Also when making always sure that is enough oil on the iron, so that the dough is not sticking.

Tips to taste:
It tastes great too when one adds even a mashed banana to the batter. Of sticking but always a bit more, which is why baking always caution is advised.
If you like heartier can omit also the sugar in the recipe and then eat the waffles tasty grilled vegetables. With a fresh vegan avocado dip a healthy Grill menu should not be quickly put together.

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